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Week 8: A final week in South Africa

Written by: on August 3rd, 2011

Week 8 marked my last week in South Africa and it sure was busy! I had initially planned to use this time solely to train Zhaun, but we still had a lot to prepare for the exhibition. The time would need to be spent working with the students to finish up their projects. Furthermore, we needed to figure out how to handle the three students who had not participated in the extra week of class. On top of that, I had gotten to meet with Mr. Jurgens on the previous Friday and the logistics of the exhibition were starting to come together. These would need to be finalized. All that to say, working with Zhaun would have to be postponed.

The students came in for the robotics class on both Monday and Tuesday. The first item to be completed was the robot dance. Each of the three teams who had come for the extra week were now finishing up their robot’s solo dance portion. Once they all finished, we moved on to choreograph and program the end of the dance. It was coming together! The batteries had also been charged and so the robot motors were slightly more powerful. This meant we needed to go through the dance again, re-tuning the motor powers. At the end of class on Tuesday, we had finished the dance and started discussing how the exhibition would go. Each team also recorded themselves to give voices to their robots!

As for the three students, I sat down with them and we discussed how their absence had affected the rest of the class. I decided, however, to give them another chance and lumped them all into Team Yellow. Zhaun would spend all his time working with them, to improve their chances of finishing.


Choosing to come to Duke and be a B.N. Duke Scholar had everything to do with choosing the corner where the people would support us the most zealously, where we could explode in pursuit of our passions, and where opportunities were not scarce. Stesha Doku Charlotte, NC

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