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William (Will) Victor
Will Victor
William (Will) Victor
Benjamin N. Duke Scholar 2016
Hometown: Aiken, SC
Highschool: Aiken High School
Major: Mathematics (BS) Computer Science (BS)

William (Will)'s Bio

I'm in the middle of my second semester of my sophomore year and I can't quite believe how the time has flown. It seems like just yesterday that I was a bright eyed freshman getting lost on west campus and taking ridiculously long paths to my classes. A highlight of my freshman year was being immersed in my favorite areas of study. I began taking math and computer science classes as soon as I came to Duke, and I quickly became more deeply fascinated by both subjects. My second semester, I had a professor who I ended up become great friends with. He taught me about everything from studying the paths of an ant walking on a potato to how to improve your health during middle adulthood. Over the course of this year, we kept in touch and now, this summer we will be doing research together in differential geometry.

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Choosing to come to Duke and be a B.N. Duke Scholar had everything to do with choosing the corner where the people would support us the most zealously, where we could explode in pursuit of our passions, and where opportunities were not scarce. Stesha Doku Charlotte, NC

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